Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Written by Mark Drucker

The problem with democrats is that they can't imagine winning. They torture themselves when they're alone, and they torture everyone else with their negativity at dinner parties. The Willie Horton ad - when used by Bush against Dukakis in 88' - was a new phenomenon....today it's just another boring swift boat tactic. It was a dirty trick played on the public at the time. The public hadn't witnessed it in the past, was caught off guard and capitulated to the "doubt" it cast on Dukakis. We're a wiser people now - at least when it comes to being fooled in political campaigns. We're probably the same old fools we've always been when it comes to anything else, like paying 30% on credit card debt!! Here's the point: Obama is winning where we'd expect him to win; he's losing where we'd expect him to lose; and he's had to fight like a dog in every battleground state to get the polls where they are today. Many of the battlegrounds were leaning red - or were gray - two weeks ago. Today they're blue/leaning blue, and some of the strong reds, like Missouri, are tinted some shade of blue. No one seemed to mind telling pollsters they'd go for McCain when they believed they would. If they were racist in other words, they weren't ashamed. The current polls, however, are an exact reflection of the tenor of each campaign in the context of what's going on in the country overall...essentially, its one huge crisis. Red states are redder (they're more racist), blue states are about the same, and gray states are slowly turning blue as the crisis become more ugly and as McCain reveals himself to be the ugly candidate...with an ugly running mate and no ideas. I believe Obama will win because he deserves to win, and I'm not afraid to say it.

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