Thursday, October 16, 2008


The jury is still out. I think Joe The Plumber might be all the middle class plumbers, electricians, etc. that don't want to vote for the black guy....or, at least, that's why JM brought him up. We'll see. Mark

by Paul Alexander

McCain the fighter was back, with Barack Obama on the defense most of the night.

I once asked John McCain why Al Gore lost the presidency to George W. Bush in 2000. His answer was simple: the debates. It was McCain’s belief that three different Gores showed up for the three debates (who can forget the rouge-cheeked “Ronald Reagan” Gore?), which proved unsettling to voters.

During this debate season, we did not have three different McCains. We had two tepid, placating McCains, offering pleasant, affable commentary carefully chosen not to upset anyone, especially his opponent, before the “real” McCain appeared last night. The most passionate moment in McCain’s campaign so far was the moving, from-the-gut call-to-arms at the end of his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention—the fighter calling his fellow citizens to his cause. That was what we saw in the third presidential debate—McCain the fighter taking it to Barack Obama, who looked on the defense most of the night.

There were campaign-defining lines (“I am not President Bush!”), zingers (“that old washed-up terrorist,” meaning William Ayers), and personal digs (“who has never been south of our border,” meaning Obama). But the most memorable aspect of the debate was McCain’s passion. This was the in-your-face defender of the common man—one journalist once called him Citizen McCain—who was willing to lay into Obama in defense of all the Joe the Plumbers across American, who are not keen on ideas like a redistribution of wealth. Had the real McCain shown up for the first two debates how different his campaign may be today.


What John McCain doesn't realize, or simply can't admit, is that when you "spread the wealth around", you give a little more to the guy that needs it (that guy that works for Joe the Plumber) so he can - maybe - save a little more, and spend a little more too. That way, everyone benefits...everyone prospers a little more. Even the rich enjoy greater prosperity because the base of people who can afford to buy their products and services increases when more people (the middle class) have discretionary income. But that's not the real story. You see, the last thing the John McCain's of the world want is for Joe the Plumber - or worse: Joe the Plumber's plumber - to show up at the same restaurants they eat in. Having Joe the Plumber sitting at a 4 star restaurant next to John McCain scares the living shit out of John MCain. It's a direct assault on his "whiteness" and his sense of superiority. More on all of this in a future "comment". I've been waiting for the right moment. It just arrived. Mark