Thursday, October 16, 2008


What John McCain doesn't realize, or simply can't admit, is that when you "spread the wealth around", you give a little more to the guy that needs it (that guy that works for Joe the Plumber) so he can - maybe - save a little more, and spend a little more too. That way, everyone benefits...everyone prospers a little more. Even the rich enjoy greater prosperity because the base of people who can afford to buy their products and services increases when more people (the middle class) have discretionary income. But that's not the real story. You see, the last thing the John McCain's of the world want is for Joe the Plumber - or worse: Joe the Plumber's plumber - to show up at the same restaurants they eat in. Having Joe the Plumber sitting at a 4 star restaurant next to John McCain scares the living shit out of John MCain. It's a direct assault on his "whiteness" and his sense of superiority. More on all of this in a future "comment". I've been waiting for the right moment. It just arrived. Mark

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