Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life Rising

The new Gallup poll numbers just arrived for today. The tide has officially turned - Obama 47; McCain 45. This is the first lead Obama has had in this poll since prior to the Republican convention. Combine this with the results of the Hotline /FTD Tracking poll this morning showing Obama up by 4, and we can all let out a big exhale. Over on realclearpolitics, the in-trade market odds now favor Obama for the first time in over a week. As for the electoral map, in a no-toss-up scenario, Obama leads McCain 286 to 252. Virginia appears to be going blue.

States to obsess over: Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado and New Mexico. He can win without Virginia and Ohio, but it would be so much sweeter to have them along for the ride.

Barack took his time. He let the Palin phenomenon wear off. He refined his tactics.

He'll win. He's got the vision. He's got the plan.

Chillin' for now!

A Campaign Strategy Session with David Plouffe

A lot of good information in this video regarding battleground state strategies.

Looks Like a Big Mac Attack to me


Brutal Sarah

Cultural differences aside, there are certain things that are tolerable and certain things that are not. Aerial shooting of wolves and the barbaric shooting of 13 wolf pups in the head approved by Palin after the mother had been shot is not something most of us will tolerate. We've seen what happens when a president and his party govern to their own personal interests. It must never be allowed to happen again. Please see youtube link below.

Clearly Real

A new poll just released by Hotline/FTD Tracking has Obama up 46 to 42. 909 registered voters were interviewed between 9-13 and 9-15 for this poll.

Hey drillers....I'm chillin' watching the numbers on realclearpolitics moving back to the Obama column. Looks like the smooth sailin' with McPalin is hittin' some choppy seas. Not sure if the "fundamentals of the McCain campaign" are sound afterall.

Thoughts of a Grandmother

...excerpts from a recent conversation with my 91 year-old grandmother.

"Mark, honey, you know I adore Barack Obama."

"Really; I kind of like him myself."

"But you want to know what I say about John McCain, Mark?"


"He's a perfect asshole."

And that's what it's like chillin' with Grandma.