Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Looks Like a Big Mac Attack to me



edward said...
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This mini-masterpiece of a video proves my theory. RE: THE PALIN EFFECT on a certain segment of the electorate, of which Mr. McCain can surely be counted #1.

Namely, all those MANopausal horn-dogs out there. You know 'em, those super-straight-shooting, wobbly dudes with submission fantasies of a feisty (gun-toting) tootsie leading them around by the nose... or balls. This one's definitely for you, gents - and all you gals with domiNATION wet-dreams.

Througout the ages, this mantasy has oft' been played out in board rooms, hotel rooms, limos and bedrooms throughout the land. Now, for all the world to see, these dogs have their very own, scrubbed-up "Playboy" poster-couple. Ain't poliTRICKS grand?

Question is:
Top Dog?... Bitch?... Which is which?