Friday, October 3, 2008


This opinion of last night's debate is written by Edward Kidder

OK... She did her job - to not further UN-do her job.

And, she exploited the tootsie-tactic of goading the sage pro.
as only someone like her could, yet...

The shrieking fact remains. Beyond a rather spotty telegenic-ness,
her worthlessness as a (potential) world leader is incalculable.

Batting the eyelashes, spewing twinkly platitudes, and upchucking crammed facts
ain't going to fix the what ails US. No way. No how.

So, as much as she may have moved her needle slightly, for the moment,
out of the trash - thinking people will still see her as unthinkable.

Her future as
bait for talk-shows and lecture-circuits is secure.

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