Friday, October 3, 2008


Independent voters have turned against Sarah Palin in recent polls.
Below is a response to a question asked by Arianna Huffington immediately following the VP debate last night. I have to tell you that I frequently wonder why Republican presidential candidates never seem to sweat. They always look like they know everything will turn out ok for them. And in the last two elections, everything did turnout ok - for them. That's how they planned it. I've been wondering why it was so important for Palin to do nothing more than not fall apart last night. And what scares the hell out of me, is that all she had to be was "good enough". Why is this? Is it so that the country will accept her once the Republican Machine goes into action on November 4th in the battleground states? Actually, the machine is already in full swing: Is anyone reporting how many of the early votes already cast are being tossed into the garbage - exactly according to their "master plan?" Palin, while inferior to Biden, held her own and was "good enough" for the Repubs to follow through with their scheme...if that's what's going on. She passed the test. Lets hope I'm out of my mind and completely crazy. Maybe it was that she was "good enough" to keep on the ticket. Whatever. We'll see. Mark

Friday morning, Meg Whitman, the co-chair of McCain's campaign, will be on a panel with Penny Pritzker, Obama's national finance chair, discussing the campaign. After the debate, I asked Whitman what she thought of Palin's performance. "Good enough," she said.

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