Thursday, September 18, 2008


This just in: With a steady hand, Obama is growing his lead in the national polls. As of this moment (8:09a.m.), O has increased his lead in the realclearpolitics national average to 2.1 over McCain. The race now stands at 47.3 to 45.2. In even better news, he's increased his average lead in Colorado to 2.5 over McCain and his Michigan numbers are shooting up. See earlier post - The Battle for Boulder - trying to make some sense of the battleground states. All roads lead to a Rocky Mountain High.

Election 2008ObamaMcCainSpread
RCP National Average47.345.2Obama +2.1
Favorable Ratings+17.3+16.3Obama +1.0
Intrade Market Odds49.049.0-
Electoral CollegeObamaMcCainSpread
RCP Electoral Count202216McCain +14
No Toss Up States273265Obama +8
Battleground StatesObamaMcCainSpread
Michigan47.345.0Obama +2.3
Ohio45.146.6McCain +1.5
Pennsylvania46.845.5Obama +1.3
Virginia45.447.7McCain +2.3
Colorado47.344.8Obama +2.5
Florida44.448.9McCain +4.5

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