As George W. Bush leaves the White House on a "high note" (but that's just the pisco sours talkin') blaming everyone but him for the nation's problems, let us note that the delusional gene runs strong in his party.

And to make Chris Wallace happy, let's return to that magical era of wide lapels, wider ties, and awesome audiotapes as Tricky Dick strode the country like a colossal ass:

Early December 1972:

Both men [Nixon and Kissinger] sometimes avoided the word "bombing." Instead, they talked of "the action."

As Nixon said, "Let's look at the action. We can't have any doubts about it."

Meanwhile, a Dec. 9, 1972, conversation, Nixon told his daughter, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, that the purpose of the presidency is "to do good things every day."

Oh, for a secret taping system of the last eight years.

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