Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Written by Edward Kidder

Last night's debate was like watching...

Austin Powers and Dr. Evil...
George Bailey and Mr. Potter...
Fred Astaire and Mr. Rogers.

I kept thinking McCain seemed a character out of The Simpsons...
drawn to be doddering, hesitant and vaguely evil. While Obama wore
the confidence of his innate goodness and suitability everso effortlessly,
McCain is obviously a man less and less comfortable in his own skin-
for whatever reason: guilt, senility, a barren marriage or total self un-awareness.
His chronic use "my friend/s" recalls a shifty salesman from the '50s.
(I ain't buyin', Mister!) Face it, he's cranky, creaky, squeaky but not clean.
And it showed once again in spades last night.
Score one more for the good guy!!

Who's the better candidate? Draw your own conclusion...
but do so with your eyes wide open (and not to racism).

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