Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Posted by Mark

The big news in polling over the last 24 hours is that Barack is pulling out in front of McCain in Virginia. Most polls now show Obama taking the lead - in some cases by 5 points. This is a significant development because Virginia has 13 Electoral votes. The governor, Tim Kaine, is a democrat. Jim Webb, their Senator, is also a democrat and polls show former democratic governor, Mark Warner, is running strong for Virginia's second seat to replace retiring republican Senator John Warner. It also suggests the beginning of the dems moving into the South. Wouldn't that be huge!!??

New Hampshire is shaping up to be a tough battleground state and McCain has a history of doing well there. The Virginia scenario is greatly aiding in Barack's claim to the national electoral college, and every map that I've looked at over the past 48 hours - including the updated map on Pollster.com (it took them awhile) - shows O moving into a much stronger position.

From where I sit, all eyes should be focussed on Virginia and Colorado.

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